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Nosler Accubond vs. Hornady SST

With so many bullets on the market, it can be hard to choose the best one for you. Two bullets that have earned their spot at the top are the Nosler Accubond and the Hornady SST. I recently decided to test both of these bullets out to see what would be best for an upcoming hunt. Here’s what I found out!

When it comes to Nosler Accubond vs. Hornady SST the Accubond is the winner. The bonding the bullet goes through makes it tougher, helps it retain weight and energy better, and provides better penetration. However, the SST is an accurate bullet and should not be dismissed. Let’s go over why the Nosler Accubond was chosen as the better bullet!


Accuracy is always a question when it comes to bullet choice. If you shoot or hunt often you know that there are differences in accuracy depending on the type of bullet you’re using. When it comes to accuracy we are not only talking about being able to hit a spot once but hit a spot over and over again with consistency. This will help you gain confidence while out in the field as well when it comes to proper shot placement. Of course, accuracy is largely dependant on the shooter and his or her skills.

For this test, I actually shot both bullets through my .270 WSM. So the optics, shooter, and rifle would all be the same and the only differing variable would be the bullet.

I first started with the Nosler Accubond. After a few warm-up shots I began the test. For the test, I try and shoot three shots in the closest grouping possible at 150 yards. While it isn’t a very long distance I find that most shots in the field are somewhere around this number.

I was able to ring my first three shots very consistently using the Accubond and felt comfortable knowing where the bullet was going to hit. So now it was time to see well the bullet performed.

After measuring the grouping it turns out that the farthest hole center to center was one inch. I had two of the holes touching actually. I’m not bragging I promise! The bullet was very accurate.

Now onto the Hornady SST. I like to do all of my tests the same so I took a few warm-up shots once again to make sure everything was fair. I felt just as comfortable with these three shots and was confident in the test coming out fairly. I made my way downrange and begin to measure the bullet holes. Now I didn’t have two holes touching on these shots but I did have all shots right around an inch from each other.

Both of these bullets are very accurate! With the right optics, rifle, and skill these bullets will hit the mark every time!

The Build

The build and design of a bullet will have an effect on how it travels, how fast it travels and how it will react once its shot.

The Nosler Accubond has a boat tail design and polymer tip. The inner lead alloy core is encased in a copper alloy jacket. What the lead alloy copper core is designed for is to provide an even expansion of the bullet upon impact. What separates this from the SST is the bonding process that the inner core goes through that helps take out any voids and imperfections in the bullet. The boat tail helps the bullet fly more accurately and it also makes it easier for reloading. The polymer tip really gives the bullet an aerodynamic shape and also helps prevent damage to the tip of the bullet during recoil.

The SST also has a boat tail design and polymer tip which helps with aerodynamics and tip protection as mentioned. These bullets also feature Hornady’s Interlock technology. This technology allows the core and jacket to be locked together to make sure that as the bullet expands it does not fragment to quickly and will retain its mass.

The key take away here is the bonding process the Accubond goes through which makes the bullet tougher than the SST. Both bullets have a great design that truly increases accuracy as well as expansion once it impacts.

Nosler Accubond vs Hornady SST For Hunting

nosler accubond vs hornady sst

Both of these bullets are mainly designed to be used for hunting purposes and they both serve that duty well. Which bullet stands out though?

Let’s talk about the type of hunting you’ll be doing first and which bullet excels at each.

Typically there are two types of hunting you’ll be doing with these bullets and that is either small/medium game or large game. The small/medium game typically has a thinner skin and is easier to kill. We’re talking about deer and coyotes. The SST is actually a great bullet choice for this type of game and performs well.

However, if you’re going to be hunting larger size game such as an elk or bear then the Accubond is the bullet for you. The bullet is tougher and will withstand bone shots better than the SST. It also penetrates better due to retaining weight and energy better from the bonding process that it undergoes.


You can’t go wrong with either bullet! However, if you’re looking for the tougher bullet that has great accuracy and will take down larger game better then the Nosler Accubond is the bullet to have. Its boat tail design helps it shoot more accurately at longer distances and the bonding process it undergoes helps the bullet stay intact and carry more energy and mass towards its target.